What happened?

Yesterday, Frank and I walked in from a quick run and found mom sitting at the breakfast table.  At first glance, all looked normal with her open word search book, familiar pen and straight edge  – she is a little OCD with her straight lines when she finds a word.  She closed her book and excitedly told us that one of my sisters had called and told her that she’d be picked up in two days.  I let her chatter about how Sue had called and that she needed to pack.  She actually asked for her luggage!

She looked at me dumbfounded after I told her that we were going on vacation and no one would be home in two days.  She brightened up after I told her where we were going and quipped, “That is driving distance from California!  Sue can just pick me up and maybe we can drop by!”  Folks, we are talking about the difference between the east coast and the west coast so there is no “dropping by”.

I practiced being gentle and trying to lead her to a better place, but she has a very focused stubborn streak and would not let it go.  She insisted for a couple of hours going so far as telling Sue on the phone that we never took her anywhere or did anything. So I prayed for her – for calm, comfort, and  a return to some sort of normalcy – I just told God I had no idea what to say so could He please help?  I thought this was humorous in light of what I posted just that morning.

This morning, I tested the waters and she is okay.


Beautiful morning for a walk!

We went on our normal walk and the picture I took told me volumes.  At this moment, my shadow is bigger and taller than hers.  Her form is bent and mine for the time being is straight.  She needs me to protect her even if it is from herself.  There was a time in the not so distance past where the roles were reversed, but it is my turn to provide refuge and her safe place.

Psalm 91:1  He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty.


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