Don’t be so serious

I really didn’t mean for this blog to be only about mushy gushy stuff or my own hang-ups about taking care of my mother who happens to have dementia.  What I wanted was to have a place for some memories – yes, learning – yes, but also some of her more lighthearted times.  At least for me they were a source of levity and lots of smiles.

The other day, we were out running errands and she was sitting in the seat next to me just content to ride along.  Well, her cell phone started to ring and she did not want to miss a call!  Mom grabbed her purse and proceeded to unzip all the zippers and energetically rummage through the tissues, pens, and the paraphernalia.  The phone rang and rang until of course it stopped.  She stopped, looked at me and exclaimed, “My phone is not here!  I must have left it at home!”

I think honestly, this was one of those pivotal moments I determined to do this to the best of my ability.  “This” meaning – take care of her.  After all, who would find the pure joy and tenderness in her antics?  To think of that moment in the car still makes me smile big!

There was another time in the car (I should rename this post, “In the car…”) – it was hot and she loves ice cream, so we went through Chick-fil-A and I got her a nice milkshake.  It didn’t occur to me that she may have difficulty sucking that cold, thick, ooey goodness through the straw with her loose dentures!  So, being the good caregiver that I am, I reached over to the glove compartment and pulled out….a spork – dutifully pulled it out of the plastic and handed it to her.  She dipped that spork in, took a couple of mouthfuls then turned and said, “Why did they give me a fork for my ice cream?”  Ok, my face is smiling again.


Mom (on the right) with Estella enjoying her favorite treat!


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